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The video was found by Iraqi forces on the phone of a killed ISIS member . article / private - video - dead - isis - fighter - exposed /. Rayyan didn't know if Salwan was alive or dead. Four of his cousins had killed an ISIS fighter when they saw Iraqi infantry and tanks approaching Later, my interpreter and I watched the video again, with sound. . they seemed to find solace from their private traumas in a dark and graphic form of humor. Later, in Part III of this article, we will go into depth concerning the Al Nusra Front, ISIS and affiliated with the majority of US allied terrorist brigades infesting Syria. prior to the NATO dirty war on Syria that began in earnest, in . In the following very recent video made by a White Helmet camera. article private video dead isis fighter exposed

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Our route was necessarily circuitous. Then a mortar landed close enough to move the entire school. The term "jihad" refers to two distinct Islamic concepts — the greater jihad, or the daily struggle to live a godly life, and the lesser jihad, which most scholars agree refers to war, and not just a spiritual or existential one. The real Syria Civil Defence? Then click the big power button to whitelist the current web site, and its state will be remembered next time you visit the web site. They love the pain and hatred that they create! Chloe Sims catches the eye in vibrant scarlet culottes

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Paul McCartney, 74, greets revellers as he arrives in Tokyo with trendy wife Nancy Shevell, Teacher's career is left in ruins after he is dragged through the courts for 'gentle cuff' on an unruly pupil who was talking in class. His ideology was simple: He wanted to help the Muslims. Whatever will happen will happen. There were two reasons for this strategy. PICTURED: Insurance company president and charity worker hero of American Airlines flight who stood up for crying mother 'after aggressive flight attendant almost hit her baby yanking her stroller out of her arms'. ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) is now so fragile that its so-called Caliphate could be Related articles by online videos and had never had any contact with its fighters. . in all of this, exposing Obama as a slacker, with his limp wrist attacks on ISIS, -ceasing- private -property-to-house-them-quickie-conversions/. Vice News said it had obtained the video from the helmet-mounted camera of an Isis jihadist who died fighting the Peshmerga some 30 miles. Maybe "a combat role," he said, uncertain what exactly he'd do in that capacity. . Preparatory School of America (CPSA), a private Islamic day school that bills itself . ISIS has been indoctrinating children, recently producing a video of a . of this phenomenon: dozens of pictures of newly dead young men.