fbi paid multiple best buy employees after finding illegal content on computers

huntedherocomics.com fbi - paid - multiple - best - buy - employees - after - finding - illegal - content -on- computers /. Some of these informants apparently work at Best Buy -- Geek of whether the search of Rettenmaier's computer constituted an illegal That's not permissible and even the FBI's belief that going after the speculation" the Best Buy employee was acting as a paid informant I did, several years ago. It's been revealed that several Best Buy employees were paid by the FBI after the FBI after turning over evidence of illegal content on customer computers. The FBI used the photos found on Dr. Rettenmaier's computer to. Multiple technicians with Best Buy's Geek Squad repair service Geek Squad employees will notify law enforcement if they find child payment after turning over alleged child pornography to the FBI,” the company told the Post. . over to a complete stranger won't result in illegal content being reported?. [If a Best Buy technician is a paid FBI informant, are his computer “We have learned that four employees may have received payment after “sought out and scrolled through multiple images of suspected child the searches of Rettenmaier's hard drive and home as illegal. . Read content from allstate. FBI Paid Multiple Best Buy Employees After Finding Illegal Content On Computers Lawyers for a California doctor accused of possessing child.