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Initial studies of learning in massive open online courses (MOOCs) primarily focused on . The course website may host little more than a set of freely available of distance education pedagogical theory; it is exemplified by content -based Ithaka S+R. Retrieved from http://www. sr. ithaka.org/ wp - content / mig / reports /S-.
content —sometimes created by professors at other institutions—to use of interactive online learning platforms in seventeen courses . Learners and the Transformation of Postsecondary Education: A . 7 This process is described in detail in an interim report, available at http://www. sr. ithaka.org/sites/.
an on-line learning experience required by the Michigan Merit Curriculum. (E) Students may substitute the second required credit of a LOTE with an . Senior. English 12 A. Accounting B. English 12 B. Accounting A core elective . education teacher must be “highly qualified” in the content area of the enrichment course. Relative to hybrids that are primarily community or task-based, network-based hybrids typically address more distributed and diverse audiences while maintaining a primary emphasis on learner autonomy and on enabling open-ended learning experiences. Keywords : Blended Learning, Connectivism, cMOOCs, Emergent Learning, Heutagogy, Hybrid Moocs, Massive Open Online Courses MOOCsxMOOCs The field of open and distributed learning has experienced a surge of media coverage and public interest in the last several years, largely focusing on the phenomenon of massive open online courses MOOCs. Student success continues to be an important focus for higher education institutions, where the trend towards performance-based. These expectations were corroborated by post-course surveys in which some participants reported frustration with the open and self-determined aspects of the experience. Hybrid MOOCs that integrate community and task-based strategies can support the values of networked, emergent learning while also providing social contexts and learning structures that enable sustained active participation.

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Critical Information Literacy CIL problematizes and politicizes notions of information literacy as a series of steps to. Thus, participants have significant freedom to self-direct and self-determine their learning while the assignment bank provides a task-based structure supporting their efforts. Ultimately, hybrid MOOC designs may support the greatest diversity of learners and contribute the growth of the greatest diversity of learning capacities. The following analysis explores a series of case studies and examples of hybrid MOOC applications. This distributed leadership model proved extremely robust and led to a strong sense of community-ownership of the course.

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It offers a formalized approach based on high quality instructional materials and complemented with well-defined learning objectives and assessment procedures. The learning process may also be supported by short readings, practice problems and cases, and summative testing. A Review of the Current Landscape of Library Data Services and Institutional Data. Scholarly Communication Toolkit includes links to blogs, handouts, and presentations. Successfully collaborating to revamp first-year instruction: The case of DePaul University.